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Hale School
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Perth, Australia
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Primary and Secondary School
Hale School is a community that inspires the authentic development of every boy.


Hale School has been using Microsoft Teams to disseminate information and learning resources to students for two years, as part of the Turnitin and Microsoft Teams Early Access Program. It has now integrated Turnitin so that students can submit their work via Teams Assignments and have it automatically checked for similarity.


By bringing everything into one platform, communication and workflow are streamlined for both students and teachers.


It is now quicker and easier to check assignments for similarity.


Students have a consistent submission system and can take ownership over the originality of their work.

There has been overwhelming praise for the integration. It completely removes the barriers to having all assignments checked for originality. Students now have a consistent submission system, and having everything in one platform means teachers can be quicker to provide feedback.

- Rob Barugh, Director of Learning Technologies, Hale School


While Turnitin has been integrated with a number of Learning Management Systems (LMS), Hale does not use an LMS. Instead, it uses Microsoft Teams as a digital hub for classes. Teams has become the main platform for teachers to disseminate information and learning resources to their students. However, if teachers wanted to use Turnitin to check assignments, they had to leave Teams and log into another platform.

To make life easier for their teachers, Hale was eager to bring everything into the Teams environment. When the early access program for the Turnitin integration with Teams Assignments opened, Hale was one of the first schools to participate.

Technology usage by years


“Adopting the Teams Assignments integration has been relatively simple. We were able to do everything ourselves, using the instructions provided by Turnitin and working with our network administrator. Following this, Turnitin’s Professional and Education Services Team hosted a webinar that went through the technical setup details so that we could troubleshoot any problems. This was a handy way to check that we had done everything correctly, and from there we were ready to start using it,” said Rob Barugh, Director of Learning Technologies at Hale School.

Now teachers and students can use the Assignments tab in Teams, streamlining the process and communication involved in the submission of work. With the Turnitin integration, whenever students submit work via the assignments tab in Teams, teachers can easily add a similarity check to each assignment with the click of a button. By bringing everything into one platform, communication and workflow are streamlined and teachers can quickly provide feedback and a score.

The consistency of using one platform makes training easier, as teachers only need to be trained on one system. Mr Barugh also believes that the integration will see more teachers making use of Turnitin.

“With Turnitin integrated into Teams, teachers can check similarity from one platform. We expect to see a lot more teachers using Turnitin, more of the time. This is important because integrity is a core value at Hale. Therefore, it is important that students understand the importance of original thought and original pieces, and that they are being held accountable for the work they submit,” he said.

Hale has tested the integration with Year 8 science, humanities, arts and social sciences classes, and is now implementing the tool across all subjects from Year 5 to Year 12. 

With OneNote, Teams and now Turnitin integrated all together, we’ve created a brilliant ecosystem for teachers. I’m looking forward to sharing what we have done with other schools so they can see the benefits this technology can deliver.

Rob Barugh, Director of Learning Technologies, Hale School