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What does iThenticate do?

If you’re an academic researcher, an administrator at a research institution, or an editor at an academic journal, you want your work to be void of plagiarism and beyond reproach, especially when it comes to research misconduct. 

iThenticate protects researcher and institutional reputations from plagiarism. When researchers check their work for plagiarism before submitting work to publishers, researchers protect their academic reputations. Because iThenticate is trusted by publishers and an integrated part of the publishing process, you ensure that your institution’s research is upheld by using the same standard publishers have adopted. 

iThenticate’s features are customized to the publishing process, with a specialized content database that addresses needs specific to research. This product includes workflows, advanced exclusion options to narrow in on the most critical matches, and the most comprehensive collection of top-tier and emerging research against which to compare. iThenticate accesses a content database that includes ProQuest Dissertations and Theses and a private repository, in addition to 70 billion webpages and 170 million content items. If you’re a postgraduate student working on your thesis, the value here is that you can ensure your work is your own. Our exclusive partnership with Crossref means that only iThenticate is embedded in the publishing process. With iThenticate, researchers are using the same tool that publishers, including top names like Elsevier, Taylor & Francis, Nature, Springer, and Wiley-Blackwell, use in their screening. 

Why is this important? Research is increasing--funding has increased, as has the number of researchers; and this increase is expected to continue through 2030 and beyond. Research is thriving and, with funding in place, set to grow. Even in the wake of COVID-19, government research support is likely to remain steady. As a result, the competition to publish will remain fierce, making selectability and reputation more high-stakes than ever--research will need to be of the highest quality and free from misconduct or plagiarism to make it through the publishing gauntlet. Ensure that integrity isn’t a limiting factor in your academic journey with iThenticate.

Who is iThenticate for?

You can use iThenticate across the academic organization, from admission to postgraduate and faculty research, as well as in the Research Integrity Office. Publishers, too, benefit from iThenticate’s assurance. 

  • iThenticate enables collaboration and sharing of research between faculty and postgraduate students working on dissertations and theses. 
  • iThenticate enables researchers to write articles and proposals unfettered from misconduct on the same platform as publishers.
  • iThenticate supports grant writers in producing unique grant proposals and ensures that funding sources are protected at the start of the research process. 
  • iThenticate ensures institutions to be free from scandal.
  • iThenticate supports publishers in their screening process and helps uphold their academic reputation and impact factor.
  • iThenticate helps admissions officers screen applications for plagiarism and academic misconduct in personal essays and statements of purpose. 

What do iThenticate users say?

“[iThenticate is] really helpful, because it reassured me that my work really was mine.” 

“iThenticate is a valuable and necessary tool in my position as managing editor in academic publishing. It helps us to protect our readership and reputation from unethical and plagiarised work.”

“iThenticate is an excellent service not only for finding plagiarism but sharpening the originality of my own research. I've recommended it to many scientists in my workplace.”

Use the industry standard to make sure your work contains no academic misconduct. While research can be competitive, and the publishing process stressful, iThenticate is one way to protect and ensure academic integrity for researchers, institutions, and publishers. 

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