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Typeset helps researchers by taking the hard work out of the formatting, editing, and submissions part of the publishing process. This mission led Typeset to partner with Turnitin to enable integrated text similarity checking within the Typeset platform. Typeset users now have access to Turnitin Similarity—a fast and streamlined solution that ensures research papers are free from potential academic misconduct.

In this blog post, we share the story of Typeset and Turnitin’s partnership, from its beginnings and motivation factors to the successful outcomes of this alliance.

Partner Profile: Typeset

Typeset is an open platform built to transform end-to-end research communication from discovery and writing to publishing. The company offers research workflow management to researchers as a productivity solution. It ensures that scholarly publication submissions contain no errors in order to increase acceptance chances. The platform includes 100,000+ journal formats from which to choose, the most popular being the default template for IEEE journals.

Typeset processes more than 30,000 research papers per month. Over 430,000 researchers across 14,000+ institutions from 91 countries have chosen Typeset for the seamless experience the platform provides. Typeset is trusted by research scholars, graduate and undergraduate students, librarians, faculty members, publishers, and Nobel Laureates. 

Partnership Opportunity: A Positive Synergy and Shared Vision

In an effort to improve workflow and customer experience, Typeset constantly interacts with researchers via outreach and user surveys. The company discovered that many users felt the platform needed an integrated plagiarism checker. Typeset customers required a tool for early, consistent, and accurate detection of potential misconduct within their research writing workflow. This marked the beginning of Typeset’s partnership with Turnitin.

After trying out several different similarity checking products, Typeset chose Turnitin as its partner academic integrity solution. Saikiran Chandha, Founder and CEO of Typeset, stated that the final decision came down to Turnitin's "extensive database of research papers."

Solution: Technical Integration

With the help of Turnitin’s team, Typeset was able to fully integrate Turnitin Similarity within just two months. Typeset shared that a reliable text similarity checking feature was the last “missing piece” they needed to create a truly functional and reliable user experience. 

Chandha commented on the integration, saying, “The overall experience of the integration process was seamless. Our engineering team was assigned a single point of contact, and the technical team ensured that we received all the required help for smooth execution. The documentation and tutorials provided by Turnitin were comprehensive and clearly defined, and helpful in executing our plan of action.”

Value Created

Typeset’s decision to integrate Turnitin Similarity into its platform sparked a number of key improvements. Prior to the integration of Turnitin’s similarity checking tool, researchers had to leave the Typeset platform and use other tools to figure out whether their content was free from misconduct. Today, Typeset users can conveniently ensure the originality of their papers with a similarity checker seamlessly integrated into the platform. 

Furthermore, Turnitin Similarity offers versatile and effective features that enhance a researcher’s experience:

  • Submissions are instantly compared against a vast, industry-leading database of scholarly content.
  • Each text match is highlighted and color-coded in the Similarity report for comprehensive source comparison and straightforward interpretation.

Researchers can rest assured that their writing fulfills both formatting and originality requirements when they use Typeset bundled with Turnitin. More than 70 percent of Typeset’s active customers now regularly use Turnitin to ensure the originality of their manuscripts.

Future Vision

Typeset’s partnership with Turnitin results in a comprehensive solution that empowers authors and researchers with the critical components for research writing, editing, collaboration, and publishing in one single platform.

Able to provide a robust set of authoring tools, Typeset can now confidently expand its customer base. In partnership with Turnitin, Typeset aims to make the user experience of research writing more holistic, delivering an all-inclusive experience to their mutual customer base. This customer-centric vision eventually boils down to increased usage of the bundled Typeset and Turnitin solution. 

Partner with Turnitin

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