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Want to see what transformative grading looks like?

Watch Turnitin’s Gradescope workshop to learn why 1,000+ institutions and 50,000+ teachers around the world have embraced the Gradescope platform and how it supports assessment in any learning environment. 

In this workshop, we’ll demonstrate how Gradescope allows you to: 

  • Transform fragmented grading into a wholly digitised, ‘online-friendly’ process 
  • Provide faster, more consistent student feedback to support learning outcomes 
  • Reduce grading time to enable more teaching time 
  • Analyse learning trends and pinpoint knowledge gaps 
  • Scale grading and collaboration in large enrolment courses Reduce biases in grading and increase educational fairness

Whether you’re familiar with Gradescope or have never interacted with the platform before, you’ll gain an appreciation for its power to transform your grading.