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Academic integrity and assessment solutions for today’s training organisations

A culture of academic excellence starts with integrity. Upholding integrity in vocational education and training means having a robust framework for student submission, feedback and assessment delivery, and compliance.

Turnitin’s Academic Integrity Suite

Comprehensive similarity checking and formative learning opportunities to help identify and deter plagiarism while building students’ confidence and capacity for original work.

Plagiarism prevention trusted by educators worldwide

Reinforce your academic integrity values by checking student work against the world’s largest database of internet, scholarly, and student paper content

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Meaningful insights for writing excellence

Go beyond plagiarism checking with Feedback Studio; a formative tool to support academic integrity by improving teacher efficiency and nurturing student writing capabilities.

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The new standard in academic integrity

Grow your organisation’s similarity checking and anti-plagiarism capacity with a powerful tool to combat emerging forms of academic misconduct.

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Publish with Confidence

The most trusted plagiarism checker by the world’s top researchers, publishers, and scholars to validate research integrity across an entire manuscript and ensure original work.

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Turnitin’s End-to-End Assessment & Grading Solution

Transform Grading Into Learning

Administer fully online and paper-based assessment across all subjects, with AI-assisted technology to save time grading and improve student learning outcomes.

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How we support your entire team

A suite of integrity, feedback and assessment tools designed to meet the specific needs of executives, administrators and trainers, while safeguarding your organisation’s reputation.

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The Leading Provider of Academic Integrity Solutions

1 million

submissions per day

7 trillion

phrases across our databases


of the world's top 100 universities


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Trusted by educators and students worldwide

“In my experience, there are no plagiarism checks as accurate as Turnitin. It’s given us that broader spectrum of ensuring assessment quality and we can see how student work has improved."

Ayush Gupta
Group General Manager
Royal Greenhill Institute of Technology (RGIT)

Learn how RGIT harnessed Turnitin Feedback Studio to verify the authenticity of student work, uphold the quality of their programs, and support industry compliance.

Integrates with your ecosystem

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